Thursday, March 5, 2009

God's Stewards

Recently we had Christine Caine, from Hillsong, Australia, come to our church to preach. If you've never heard her, you need to seriously check her out! She is quite the powerhouse for God! She spoke to some of our leadership and her wisdom still burns within me today. Have you ever stopped to think of the role you play in God's divine destiny? Well I just can't tell you how amazing it was to take a closer look and see if I have been fulfilling my purpose for God through servant hood or stewardship. When Christine Caine asked some of our leadership the question, I think that not many of us really had taken the time to evaluate our position when it comes to being a servant or a steward! What was even more incredible was that Christine Caine made it all so relevant and doable! As a servant, your attitude towards the things of God is somewhat skewed because you tend to put your time in and leave. However when you have an attitude of a steward, you tend to look at God's things, those entrusted to us, as having an opportunity to advance the kingdom for His cause! We know it's not ours, but we want to make God shine in our world! We put our best foot forward and take the investment God has given us and go for the greater return! We want to double what we have been given! Envision it! Expand it! Enlarge it! When we have the right stewards' heart, we find every chance we can to proclaim the goodness of God and multiply it to those in our world! I don't know about you, but I want to take the seed given, entrusted, and placed in my hand to a "whole 'notha level"! So I challenge you today, are you going to be a servant or steward? Who will rise to the challenge? Take what's in your hand, put it to work, and watch it grow!!!!!! Love you all, Mama Mary

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